Evolution Of Thoughts

by Involution

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Destiny 05:04
We stride, our eyes in front of mountains and beyond the woods of former times, with treat and pain passed climes. We may give trees a chop and cut the outworn top. The trunks we never tear, they persist year by year. The wind that shakes the trees takes gently air we breathe, dispersing through the spheres, through airspace over seas. One unknown day, feeling astray and sore, we run ashore and hope for more to come. Who knows his destiny, foresees changes of time? We sail on stormy seas, they're good, also malign, mourn at our tragedies and laugh freely and fine, but what will ever be, the end, no one divines. Fly on by the wings of faith. Follow an eternal trace where love, life and fear embrace in perfect symmetry. A fire, small but yet a sun, lights up the eternal run, a flame, sure that I am one on the raging sea. Fly on by the wings of faith. Follow an eternal trace where love, life and fear embrace into our destiny.
Inner Denial 04:44
Inner extremes - they turn like seasons, crashing through my mind to cut one by one under the banners of faith and reason, leave the narrow path to a border realm. I've seen it come, a light shines in the dark, a spark to light the torch, a fingerprint in the creation, inside my drifting mind, inside my fearful soul, the flame, a link to what's forever! Day breaks, dawn is rising. No one fears the dark, when the sun shines bright. But in the contest - who will stand straight? Nothing to protect then my naked life. Sometimes I feel it in my head, oh, it tries to break me. Sometimes I feel it but instead I bet, it will not take me. I can not, I will not deny the words, that I have found. I can not, I will not deny the world, that I have found. When the dance on the razors edge is done so soft and calm the world has become. Miss the dynamic in the waves to break my minds inner caves.
A Search 05:33
Breaking through the gates out of my wrath, stare into a fate of unknown paths. Going on! Fogginess, somberness, mistiness, dreariness, where to run, darkened sun, where to go, how to grow? Rising now out of the sea, up from the bottom's debris. Striving and striving to free to raise a glooming degree. Where is the deepest core? What is there to explore? What are we searching for? Breaking through the gates out of my hate. Stare unto a path of unknown fate. Marching on! Recency, novelty, looking for something more like an isle, versatile, stronger ground without bound. I am searching for the light, to break the darkness in my sight, to find the magic of a flight, out of the night.
Rise 05:41
The day I'll fall to earth night surrounds my sight, but staring to the sky to remember what's behind. Search for colors in the gray 'till the light may find its way to recollect my mind. Ask myself what I may find. Just a short ride on the surface, I might fall for just one single view. The gift of insight, the dream of knowledge: All what I'm longing for. In circles we rise to the stars high above, crash through the spheres and reach for the top. In spirals we burn up, fall to the ground, sleep on and wait, till I may be found. After a cold and frightening night my soul begins to climb into the darken sky to illuminate my mind. Far from the east the sun does arise, far in the west, where it goes down and dies. No summit, no target, a guide to be found? Where are my fix stars and borders that I can't surmount?
We start our search in hope for the mainland. The sailors spoke in different tongues of islands drifting, changing shape in years. I think we stand on melting ice. When night falls, we watch out, hope for hints in the sky to leave this confusion, no earth to stop my mind. And again it pulls me to use my words alone, free from all friction. Abandon metaphysical high! I felt the air slow down my glide. The pictures that we've painted are outnumbered. Galleries became a maze. Discuss, debate, hope for a revolution. Can't even say that it's in vain. I felt the air slow down my glide, so higher I ascend. Wish for the empty space to guide me without effort through my mind. In outer space I drift I can't find a way down, a kind of satellite, that's spinning all around, a kind of satellite, that's spinning all around.
My Own Mind 03:50
Distending skywards and exploring space, forming new creatures, a synthetic race. Imitate nature to gain and refine deftly humanity's spine. Fighting insanely in hundreds of wars, expanded realms and discovered new shores. Ordered as master, obeyed as a slave, so many ways to behave! Breeding the cattle and cut down the woods, tilling the farmland, trading with goods. Painted in caves until forging the steel, conveying, shifting by wheel. Species in the stardust taking the next breath. Even love and warcraft end in death! Lighting up the darkness, and dive into the sea, climbing high on mountains, agree or not to be. Fly over the skyline, look behind the sun and evolving high signs to be or to be none. What are true treasures, the hands full of gold or inner wisdom which frankness unfolds? Seeking, striving, building, denying, shaping, forming phantoms in my own mind.
Morning sun is rising - also does the moon. All thoughts are diving into the wetness of a dune. They search the inner core of a fruit with divers taste, don't find it anymore, identity is waste. Deep in my memory there is reason, naked truth. Aren't they the hangovers of an unreflected youth? Aren't they the corner stones of a vision once adored that is ambigious: The servant is a lord. Twisting in inner streams as a stranger in the night, But in my view it seems a homeland's shining bright. An arrow without themes is flying on the field. Somewhere in my own dreams the secret is unsealed. We gaze at stars high above, guiding a passsage unknown, through effort of fear and of love to conquer a crown, a throne, liquid like vine, on grounds of some deep wavy lakes. Life is a forward drawn line, while the drawer shakes.
Burning tonight, a fire our guide to lead the way away from decay. Flashlights of thoughts as sharp as a sword light up the nights - fairminded guides. No grace! We face the fortress of disorder. Give praise! Our blaze ablazes mistaken borders. We storm conform with candid sanity walls. No groan! The throne of fallacy falls. Standing up straight for our crusade! Yes, we unite against false divides and open gates for fresh mental states. We march to renew, take heart to break trough Where once was total darkness glows a shiny light so smart and bounded by a conscious guide. We march on in our fight and scorch to light up bright another torch. But in endless thoughts we drift, triggered by eternal shifts, spinning round a core, which seems only to be reached in dreams. There's no end, no last control. Longing for a final goal is like hunting down the sun by an earthbound run.
Two souls are mine, one's like the wind: Rise from the darkness to see what's behind. Twisting and changing, crying for real. Oh, will I seek, will I ever reveal? I tried so long ago, waiting for you, near the abyss, think you know it too. Deep in the fields, deep in the waves, deep in my senses I lose myself, losing it all, and in the end it's gone. The second is crawling deep in the dust, a part of the earth where I came from at last. No need for flying, no need for wind. Both are a part, never knew what's behind. Everything I knew, everything I see, everything I want is a mission to free myself from the earth, myself from the dust. I will rise!


Heavy, melodic, straight, poetical and philosophical Power Metal with both unique voice and guitar leads.

Lead Vocals, Keys: Erdmann Görg
Lead Guitar, Vocals, Beat: Marcel Levermann
Rhythm Guitar: Bastian Wehowsky
Bass: Stefan Schrieck

Mixed by Marcel Levermann www.marlevmusic.de
Produced by Marcel Levermann and Stefan Schrieck
Mastered by Chris Bauer at Audio Mastering Service

Artwork by morbid choice (morbid_choice [at] gmx.de)



released October 30, 2014


all rights reserved



Involution NRW, Germany

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Bio: Founded in 2009, the german band Involution released 2011 their self-produced Demo "Higher Reach". Afterwards they worked hard on their first full lenght album, called Evolution Of Thoughts, which is released in late 2014.
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